Geoflex is a flexible, acrylic based waterproofing liquid. It is a waterproof coating that affords excellent protection against the ingress of rainwater and dampness, has a high resistance to ultra-voilet light and has a long life expectancy.


Apply one coat Geoflex Primer, by means of brush or roller, to prepared surface at the rate of 6-7 square metres per litre. Allow to dry.


Polypropylene reinforced (Smooth surfaces). Apply a base coat of Geoflex to the primed surface, by means of brush or roller at the rate of approximately half a litre per square metre and immediately embed a layer of GLASCOTE 60, smoothing with a brush. Allow to dry. Apply a second coat of Geoflex Liquid at the rate of approximately 0,75 litre per square metre. Allow to dry. Apply a third coating, if necessary, so as to ensure total cover of the GLASCOTE.

             Fields of Application

  • Walls
  • Parapets
  • Screen walls
  • Small flat areas